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My name is not defeat, deceit, rejection or shame.  My name is Redeemed, Blood-Washed, Loved, Chosen Daughter!  I am fearfully and wonderfully made, and so are you!

JoLynne Valerie


Welcome to this page!  I want to talk for just a few moments on God’s power to transform your life!  The miracle working redemptive Blood of Jesus which cleanses anyone regardless of what they’ve done or where they’ve been!  The grace anyone can receive through the Lord Jesus Christ to receive a new beginning in life! If that sounds like something you need for your life, then you’ve come to the right place on the web.


You see, we serve the God who leaves the 99 to go in search of the 1 who has strayed.  I was once one who had strayed, even though I didn’t know it at the time! I thank God our Jesus is a miracle worker, well able to take the most flawed, deceived and broken individuals, and transform them on that Potter’s Wheel, into a masterpiece for the glory of God!  What’s amazing though, is that God works all things together for our good when we love Him and are called to His purposes. — Romans 8:28  God will even use our history to prepare and equip us for our destiny.  


I write to you today from my office as Prophet of the Lord.  Like the prophet Jeremiah and many others, I was ordained in my mother’s womb — Jeremiah 1:5.   Also like many others, before I understood my calling, my gifts, and what the Lord required of me in order to serve Him, I had a previous life.  In those days, I was in an abusive, adulterous marriage, and I was another person, literally!


What can I tell you about JoLynne Valerie?  Not much and perhaps not what you’re expecting, because not only is that girl dead and gone, but you will find only the truth on this page — not fantasized bits and pieces meshed with half-truths and a good dose of fiction for impact.  It is only the Truth that sets us Free, and that Truth is all we need! John 8:32


Interestingly, I started out life knowing and loving the Lord Jesus Christ.  I was born into a single parent household — if we can call it a household. Not to say anything negative about my now deceased mother, but the truth is, mom struggled all her life.  She struggled with dysfunction and many illnesses; she struggled with brokenness and all the behaviors that come as a result of those things. But mom took me to Catholic church from the time I was a baby, and in elementary school I transferred via scholarship, from my inner-city public school to a private Catholic school.


At my old school, I’d been ruthlessly bullied for being small, quiet and artistic.  Also, my skin was a tad too light for some of the kids there. In my new school however, I was rejected and regarded as unusual because my skin was too dark.  What a mess! But isn’t that the way of this wicked world? People take a glance at you, look you up and down, and pronounce what they believe is your “truth”.  I’m so grateful God does not look at the outside, but the heart! — 1 Samuel 16:7


Where would so many of us be if God judged us by our outer appearance?  Where would we be if God rejected us and gave up on us, at our worst? Aren’t you glad we serve a God who loved us enough to send His only Son Jesus Christ, to pull us from our own messes, even when we didn’t even know we were in a mess?  God has loved us with an everlasting love, and He will wash us clean in the redemptive Blood of Jesus and bring us into new life if we’ll repent of all sin and come to Him! What a God we serve! — Jeremiah 31:3, 1 John 1:7


That was the case for me.  As a child, I loved the Lord, loved my prayer time, and I loved going to church every weekend!  My mother and I were also in church for free meal nights and the clothes pantry. I recall many times not having enough food to eat, and there were far too many times when I did not have clothes to wear.  We truly thanked God for the church community back then, because when the church operates as the church, lives are blessed! For this very reason and because we are instructed to do so, my ministry is passionate about serving and blessing others to the fullest of our ability!  — Mark 12:30-31, James 1:27


We cannot go any further without talking about the horrifying demonic attacks that began on my life from the time I was a baby.  Not only was I born premature and underweight at only 4 pounds 12 ounces, but I almost died as a result of vaccinations. So at just a few days old, I was fighting for my life.  I clearly recall a terrifying demonic attack on me at night when I was just three years old. They would continue throughout my childhood.


Something else also happened in my childhood: I perceived the call of God on my life, and I began to experience what I now understand was my anointing, demonstrating itself.

That’s Biblical, you know.  The Lord calls, the prophet hears, the gifts of God given, the anointing given by the Lord, and the prophet responds.  Then, when the Lord wills, the anointing begins to demonstrate itself. In due season, assignments are given. This may be far-fetched or even inexplicable to those determined not to understand, but that’s because it’s supernatural!  Yet, the emerging prophet Samuel began to hear God’s voice at a tender age (1 Samuel 3:3-8) and the prophet Jeremiah was ordained a prophet in his mother’s womb (Jeremiah 1:5) and began to experience his anointing, undergo training and be assigned by the Lord when he was young.  (Jeremiah 1:7, 9,11-13)


I will never forget that first day I knew God was going to use me.  I was in the fifth grade. Mom and I had just returned from a Saturday afternoon church service and I was standing in my living room.  I looked at my mother and told her God was going to use me to touch people’s lives, to help others. What happened next? The demonic attacks continued and the devil began to focus on my mother too.


If you are reading this and you know you have a call of God on your life, please pay very close attention to what I’m about to share next.  If you’re reading this and you have encountered what you know is demonic attack — night terrors, sleep paralysis, attacks on your physical being, attempts on your life — please read these next words very carefully.  The devil always tries to take out God’s anointed.


Perhaps the severe attacks you have experienced have come because God has marked you to use you in a significant way!  It has been said, the more important the assignment, the more lives you will impact, the more severe the attack.


I am only telling you this part of my story because I know critical details such as these, can help many!  Perhaps you too have been in a battle for your life,  your calling, your destiny!  So often in life, we get “beat up” and we can become so very discouraged…  Well, that’s the demonic plan. The devil orchestrates events and experiences that are intended to steal, kill and destroy our hope and our future, BUT GOD!  The Lord is stronger, the Lord is a mighty Warrior, you can always call upon the name of Jesus and God will hear you! — John 10:10, James 4:7, Zephaniah 3:17


As a little girl being raised in the Catholic church, that’s what I did.  When the demonic attacks would come at night, I would call on the Lord. When the attacks came through school bullies and physically abusive family members, I would call on the Lord to help me.  There was just one problem.  My mother had become discouraged in life and she’d gone looking for answers, also looking for “quick fixes”, and she’d become interested in the occult.  I actually remember when it happened, isn’t that interesting? One Saturday after my ballet class, mom and I went to the grocery store, which was located inside of a downtown mall.  Afterward, she wandered into a new shop. That was the shop that changed everything. My friends, I tell you those “pretty items” in occult shops are not harmless, they are attached to teachings, beliefs and demonic entities that innocent people know nothing about!


I remember the extreme change in my mother after she began frequenting that shop; she became fascinated by the books she read and began to accumulate a few occult items.  Please note: as a child, I had no control over what my parent brought into the home.  I did not understand until many years later, that my mother had given legal access to the devil.  Mom hoped she had found something that could help our situation; she thought she was finding answers.  My mother, like many others, and later like me, had no idea the level of darkness she had just authorized to plunder us.


Mom began making new “friends”.  Funnily, my mother began going to church less, I began going more.  I attended first Holy Family then Sacred Heart Catholic school and church for elementary school, then attended and graduated from the all-girls Catholic Nazareth High School.  During those years, the demonic attacks were so frequent, I dreaded going to sleep at night. But the anointing on my life was ever present and continued to demonstrate itself in the form of prophetic dreams, visions, unctions, and words.  How do I know that was my anointing?? Please read the following Biblical truths very carefully:


(1) The gifts of God and His call are without repentance, they are irrevocable.  — Romans 11:29  (2)  Divination as we see in Acts 16:16, the account of the slave girl who was operating under a familiar spirit, is not able to foretell the future nor is it able to utter a prophetic event, blessing or deliverance the Lord has said He will give.  God knows all things, sees all things—past, present, future; He knows the beginning from the end! — Isaiah 46:10.  Demons do not.  Therefore, no one operating in divination or under a familiar spirit can foretell things only God would know NOR can they compel the Lord to act.  God is the one who imparts words to His prophets, and those words cannot and will not return void when the vessel is a real prophet! — Isaiah 55:11


During those years, one of mom’s friends said my “abilities” were actually “psychic gifts”.  It was the first time I heard the word “psychic”. She said it made me special, it was a gift.  As an only child, a young girl who’d never had a father or any functional family to speak of, acceptance was something I naturally longed for.  The devil knew exactly what I needed to hear! My mother chimed in with words I’ll never forget, she said she thinks witches run in our family, because my grandmother also had  “psychic ability”. Therein began the deception.  As I look back, I can see it was a carefully executed satanic strategy.


So my mother had no idea she was opening the door and giving literal access to the forces that had already been assaulting her only child.  Neither did she have any idea she was setting the stage for what the devil would later use as fodder and ammunition to launch an all-out attack on my End Time Prophetic Ministry.  Myself, my family, my entire team and so many of our faithful supporters know that’s exactly what the recent attacks are!  


The devil is the accuser of the brethren.  Only the devil will frantically and obsessively search for anything that can be used against someone—even if he has to twist things to create an accusation.  

1 Peter 5:8, Revelation 12:9-11


Just as the eyes of the Lord move to and fro throughout the whole earth, looking for those to shew Himself strong in the behalf of (2 Chronicles 16:9), the devil looks for people he can work through, too.  The Bible clearly says, Then satan entered Judas… — Luke 22:3.  How do I feel about the people who have been used to attack my ministry, myself as an individual, even my husband and my children?  Well, I can assure you I’ve prayed for them more than most would believe! I understand far better than they do, the highly serious nature of what they are doing.  But some people are willing to risk or even trade their own salvation in exchange for a few minutes of attention, a few dollars, the opportunity to be “seen” or “heard”.  


We live in an era where anyone can make a video, splice together a narrative which excludes everything redemptive or positive, and then parade it as “truth” — when in reality, those same people would never dare to say those things to someone’s face lest they begin to demonically manifest!


I have watched people with ambition to be in ministry, use my name and what they believed was “a scandalous hot topic” to try to “launch themselves” onto a platform!  I’ve even watched people whose ministries were stalled and dry, use my name to “ride the wave” of what seemed a successful smear campaign! And yes, we have noted those pages have had cash app links — that is until someone called them out on it.  While there is no problem receiving donations in kind for your work as a laborer of the Lord, it is absolutely wicked to put your mouth on one of God’s anointed, therefore I say again: I truly comprehend the extreme danger these people are in.  There have been times I have prayed so fervently for these people, the tears have flowed.


Yet, as believers we must take authority of demonic activity.  Had my mother known better and done so, we would not be having this conversation right now.  The originator of the satanic smear campaign against my ministry was initiated by a young girl who aspire to be an actress and who also sent us prayer requests to pray for her poodle because she believes her dog has a call of God on his life.  Friends, this youngster needs deliverance from her bondages, then proper guidance — because I know in my heart that Jesus saves!  You see, I cannot bring myself to hate the way some people do. God has broken my heart for what breaks His; when I see the extent that some people go to in an effort to tarnish and destroy others, it actually does break my heart, because they have no idea how far removed they are from the heart of Jesus.  


Yet, what we allow, continues.  As much as we know Jesus can change anyone, it is ignorant as Christians to believe everyone has our best interest at heart.  As disturbing as it is, there are truly wicked people who actually want to destroy others. There are opportunists who are devoid of character and remorse.  


My friend, there is a reason archangels have swords.  God knows there are certain enemies that cannot be reasoned with.  People who are so demonically determined to continue in their destructive behaviors, conversations will not suffice.  When dealing with such, we must pick up our slingshot and take down Goliath!


This ministry has important work to do.  There are people who are hungry for the Word of God!  People who don’t yet know Jesus! There are Christians who are hungry for a move of Lord, hungry for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit!  There are people who are in need of accurate prophetic utterances that are actually backed up by the power of God with manifestation!


I speak for my entire team when I say, we need to stay busy serving!  This ministry cannot pause one more moment to address the demonic assassins that have been mobilized against us.  As several established ministers have told us, in a way it is a confirmation of our impact; hell is clearly mad!


Our outreach ministry, now in operation for nearly three years, sends Christian books, brand new Bibles, and encouraging correspondence to individuals who are in prison, in jail, and also in rehab facilities as they recover from various addictions.  This winter, we were blessed to generously provide clothing, hot drinks and Bibles to the largest Christian homeless shelter in our area.


It’s no wonder the devil wants to take us down!  But guess what? HE CAN’T. No one can curse what God has blessed.  If a nest of wasps chooses to buzz and sting, I can’t help that but I can pray for them!  All the while, knowing this: If God is for you, no one can be against you — not a hater, not an opportunist, not a wanna-be minister trying to ride of the coattails of someone else’s name, not a demonic assassin — NO ONE.  If they persist, they will find themselves fighting against God Himself. — Acts 5:39, Romans 8:31


The Bible is very clear: Touch not Mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm.  — 1 Chronicles 16:22   Do you know why that verse is in the Bible?  Because there is a history and a long-standing satanic agenda to do God’s prophets harm!  Jezebel always seeks to shut the mouths of the prophets.  Yet every Jezebellic agent that has positioned itself against this and other ministries, would do well to remember that it does not end well for Jezebel; it only looks like she’s winning for a little while.  In due season, all of her false prophets are destroyed and Jezebel herself ends up as literal dog food.  — 1 Kings 18:20-40, 2 Kings 9:30-37


To the demonized people who have made it their agenda to attack my ministry, I would say only this:  I forgive you, and I am praying for you.  You have emailed every pastor I have preached for or am associated with.  We have seen the horrifying, slandering letters you have sent them. You have made it your personal agenda to follow and direct-message literally thousands of our followers for months now!  You send our followers links to your videos and even your own websites and pages. You have contacted our personal friends.  You have called our places of business and told flat-out lies about us. You have created a myriad of fake email accounts, fake social media pages, and you have even been emailing people pretending to be me.  As a result of your actions, I have received death threats, pornographic images and emails, and an invasion of privacy at my own home.  


We thank God our faithful supporters have sent your emails and correspondences to us.  You have photoshopped pictures of me and you have literally edited and spliced videos to fit the fictitious narrative you sought to create.  When something did not fit your narrative or hinted at repentance and authenticity, you excluded it.  When something was needed to “help” your narrative, you literally fabricated lies.  Still, I know anyone can be saved by the Lord Jesus Christ.  I forgive you, and I pray today, that you are delivered and find your way back to purity and holy devotion to the Lord Jesus Christ.


It took me years to learn the truth about my “past”.  I spent a good portion of my adult years, delving deeply into who and what I thought I was.  Please catch that.  Who someone thinks they are during a season of deception and confusion is not who they are once the Lord Jesus Christ sets them free!  Some people need to update themselves and repent! I say again: Who the Son sets free is FREE INDEED! — John 8:36


Here’s another critical tidbit:  Once someone has repented of their sins and is washed clean by the Blood of Jesus, those former sins are blotted out of their Book of Life and no longer exist!  That old identity is gone, nailed to the cross with Jesus, and it is dangerous to bring up someone’s former self — as in the eyes of God, that person no longer exists! — Psalm 103:12


This tidbit one more time:  The gifts of God are without repentance, my friend.  Did I delve deeply into the occult, learning, studying, even getting involved with things I now know are unclean, unholy, an abomination before the Lord?  Yep, and I am so glad Jesus pulled me out, washed me clean in His Redemptive Blood, set my foot upon a solid rock and gave me new life!  So please folks, stop looking for JoLynne Valerie, she is nowhere to be found, she no longer exists!   


Allow me to share one more tidbit:  Having been involved in the occult does not actually disqualify me from my calling as a Prophet of the Lord Jesus Christ, you know.  Actually, it uniquely qualifies me. Friend, I know the enemy’s playbook! I know how to pray those sniper prayers against what’s really going on in the darkness!  I know the truth of how deceptive antiChrist spirits act and operate, and when time is right, I know the Lord is going to use me to help others in this area, specifically.  Why do you think a spy who’s defected is so dangerous, so lethal? They have spent time on the other side and know the landscape of the territory!


That said, unfortunately I cannot claim to have been anywhere near as radical or demonized as the accuser is making me out to be.  In truth, none of it ever felt right, and moving into relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ was like a beautiful homecoming — I literally came home to my First Love, Jesus.


But!  For the ones who really want some juicy details, I’ll answer a few of the commonly asked questions, which also happen to be some of the most common accusations people sling.  (Quick note: Only satan the accuser does this; the Lord sets people free and washes them clean. But I digress.)


Question:  OMG!  Were you really a witch!  How scary and evil!


Answer:  I studied a myriad of occult forms of spirituality, including wicca.  But let’s be clear: I also studied hinduism, buddhism, aromatherapy, numerology, astrology.  Those years were devoted to searching. I knew the gift I had was real; I knew the church I was raised in had denounced it; I just didn’t know yet it was actually an anointing.  But yes, witchcraft and all forms of occult “spirituality” are ultimately scary and evil.  The trouble is, it often doesn’t feel that way while you’re in it, because the devil is skilled at appearing as an angel of light.  That’s why people who take yoga class have such a hard time believing yoga is demonic! The poses and practices feel so peaceful! Right.  The devil appears as an angel of light. — 2 Corinthians 11:14-15  


People don’t know they’re deceived when they’re deceived. Come on Christians, we’ve got to be a little more loving and understanding regarding these issues.  We’ve got to spend more time loving people back to life, rather than accusing and ostracizing. How about this, we’ve got to spend more time discerning the real jezebels and the real false prophets, so you can stop having your head played with!  But I’m meant to be answering questions. Continuing…


Question:  Yeah but, why did you write articles?  Was that really necessary? Seems to me you were all in.


Answer:  Yes, at the time I was all in—or so I thought!  God has a way of keeping His strong hand on us even when we’ve strayed!  The Bible says God loves us with an everlasting love, that He loved us even when we were unlovely!  Glory to God! As far as the writing, it’s as simple and profound as this: People often seek to do what they innately know they are made to do.  That’s why successful bakers or film-makers or let’s say, constructions folks, will tell you they were always baking, always writing stories or drawing, always building things (to randomly name a few).  We are innately aware of our destiny and often in pursuit of it, even when we don’t realize it. We can’t explain it, we just know we are made to do it!  I knew I was made to speak, write, use my “gift”, help people.  I was always trying to do that… during those ‘confused years’ I just didn’t know I was doing it in the wrong way.  Please stop trying to make this something it’s not.


Question:  But wait!  There is no public record of your deliverance!  Where is your testimony? I smell a rat!


Answer:  Actually, I think you smell the unmistakable scent of self-righteous pharisee, and I’m not afraid to call it out!  I’m not obligated to say so, but my deliverance was initiated by the Lord Himself when He led me to a Born-Again Christian Church in the south wedge neighborhood of Rochester, New York.  I will forever cherish the conversations with my pastor which led to my understanding and deliverance. It was a process that culminated in my return Home to the Lord Jesus Christ. That same pastor married my husband Jon and me on the oceanic shores of Lake Ontario, New York.   Was it a process? Yes, it was. Have you noticed there are many “Christians” and even whole churches who mix their Christianity with other unholy beliefs and practices? The problem is, the folks don’t know they’re unholy, they don’t know they’re dangerous. That was me for a while.  However I thank God for clarity, I thank God for full deliverance, I thank God for the anointing that breaks the yoke, and for this reason my ministry is highly vocal, vocal, vocal that we are to seek and serve only Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!


Question:  Hmm.  What about those books, though?  Those witchcraft books? Huh??


Answer:  Oh, you mean the clean romance novels that are no longer in print, the ones I do not own the rights to and have not “sold” or collected a penny on since around 2010?  Yeah, you’ve been misled. They’re not witchcraft books. They’re clean romance novels, written at a time in my life when I was broken and shattered by abuse and adultery and desperately wanted to believe I would find love again.  Any more questions?


Question:  Why isn’t your ministry about deliverance, then?  Why do you seem to be all about the favor of God?


Answer:  That’s a question for the Lord, actually.  But I can tell you what the Lord told me: there is far too much poverty and disempowerment in the church.  Too many people can’t begin to fathom or pursue their destiny because they are too busy fighting off the devil’s attacks and simply trying to survive.  The church MUST be empowered in order to be the church in these End Times! There will come a season for the deliverance ministry. I’ll not venture into any territory or take on any adversary before my time and without the Lord’s instruction, sorry devil — your tactic didn’t work.  


Question:  *squinting eyes* Yeahhh… but what about this Perry Stone thing?  You definitely said you and your husband saw him as your spiritual father, and Perry Stone definitely said he doesn’t know you.


Answer:  Yeah, hurtful situation.  We learned a lot from that.  I admit wholeheartedly and with 100% transparency, that was most definitely the only thing that really bothered us.  Because you see, my husband Jon and I did see Pastor Perry Stone as our spiritual father.  We had read so many of his books, watched so many of his videos, learned so much from Pastor Stone’s unique anointing.  When we moved to Atlanta, GA and found that we were just hours away from his church, Jon and I were so excited to begin attending as frequently as we could!  And that we did. We attended Tuesday night services, conferences, classes and workshops, and we participated in Pastor Stone’s Ministry Mentorship program. Without a question, we saw Perry Stone as our spiritual father.  But never, did either Jon or myself ever, say Pastor Stone had mentored us personally. Never did Jon or myself ever say we were going to Pastor Stone’s home. Why was Pastor Stone so quick to wash his hands of the matter? Well, in his own words, his church has been inundated with a myriad of phone calls.  People have actually put his phone number out on slandering videos of me and encouraged viewers to call and find out for themselves. Pastor Stone is the leader of a large international ministry; we can only assume he simply did not want to be associated with a scandal. One of our team members is a pastor’s kid who has worked in ministry his whole life.  He told us, “Welcome to ministry. It’s sad but we have seen this many times; when it comes down to it, people cover their own interests.” It is very sad to us, because while we still respect Pastor Stone’s anointing, we do not respect the way this matter was handled. We of course contacted his ministry but never received a response to the email we sent, even though we pointed out that we have been generous partners of his ministry for years.  All it would have taken, was for someone to check the ministry mentorship roster. They would have seen our names, confirmed that we were in that mentorship program, and the matter could have been settled differently. Jon and I have vowed to always remember what we have been through, and to never be quick to dismiss anyone. HERE IS A LINK TO THE FULL AND TRUE STORY, WITH PROOF.


Question:   Are you saying God will really use someone who was once in the occult?  I just don’t believe that.


Answer:  Then my friend, you don’t believe in the Redemptive Blood of Jesus.  You don’t understand the Finished Work of the Cross. I say this in love, but my friend, if you don’t believe God will use someone who used to be in sin, then you have not read the Bible, and you may be a self righteous judger with a religious spirit.  God used the man formerly known as Saul, transforming the former psychotic Christian killer and terrorist, into the esteemed Apostle Paul who wrote at least 13 books of the Bible! That charlatan Jacob who stole his brother’s inheritance, later repented and was renamed by God to become Israel!  Come on, our Jesus is a game changer! He’s a life changer, that Lion of Judah who sets the captives free and gives them new life! If you don’t believe my story, then you don’t believe Jesus is who He says He is and does what He says He can do.


Final Question:  I’m just stuck on the speed.  It all happened so fast. How do you go from being one person, and just change so suddenly?


Final Answer:  Same answer, my friend.  Have you read the Bible? Why don’t you believe God can do miracles in people’s lives?  The woman with the issue of blood simply touched the hem of Jesus’ garment and she was instantly healed—after 12 years of being ill and hopeless!  


The woman at the well in Samaria was freed from a lifestyle of immorality and curses, immediately!  That woman took off running back to her village and told everyone about Jesus — she became the world’s first evangelist!  And yes, it happened in one day!


The woman who was bound by a spirit of infirmity for 18 years was instantly loosed when Jesus spoke a word over her.  It did not take a process, her healing did not take hold over time, and no panel of jurors were required to weigh in on whether or not she was really healed — her healing was evident, obvious, and it happened immediately!


Friend, if you don’t believe someone can change JUST. LIKE. THAT! — then I need to tell you about my Jesus!  He is a God of miracles! He is a God of freedom! And who the Son sets free is FREE INDEED!


If you don’t believe Jesus can turn someone’s life around completely, wash them clean, open their eyes, activate them into purpose, redeem the time and prosper them — THEN YOU ALSO DON’T BELIEVE SUCH THINGS ARE POSSIBLE FOR YOURSELF.  And I pray, I really pray that you change your view. Because I’ve just given you solid Bible.


Now I need to warn you, that old devil will try to bring accusation back upon you.  Satan will try to bring doubt about your healing, your deliverance, your transformation.  That’s why the Bible calls him the accuser of the brethren! He is a liar, an unrepentant liar.  I’m not allowing the devil to smear any filth or lies on me, and I encourage you to reject the lies, too!  When Jesus has fully cleansed and freed you, YOU ARE FREE!


I believe many of God’s prophets, healers, seers, and ministers are in the occult because like me, they were lured there or they were deceived.  Let me encourage you if that’s you; the gifts of God are without repentance — let Jesus cleanse and deliver you, and God can still use you! I believe in these last days, God is pouring out His spirit abundantly just like He said He would in Acts 2:17-19.  We need the Holy Spirit!  We need the gifts of the Spirit!  These are treacherous last days… Jesus is returning soon and there is work to do!


And on that note, that’s enough talk about “JoLynne Valerie”.   That person no longer exists. That is not my name! Let’s go right to the only website that is needed for me to fulfill the will of God for my ministry at this time.